Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cool, bright and clear

The Saturday ride calendar shifted to 10 am this week. Unfortunately the temperature cooled off too. It seemed like it was still in the upper 40s at ride time. Nonetheless we had a good group of about 25 riders out for a relatively short ride looping down to the Cedar Bluffs Nature Preserve on Ketcham Road. If you haven't visited this Nature Conservancy site, it's well worth an afternoon out for a hike.

Our leader Keith Vogelsang (aka club president) altered the standard club map both for going out and coming back into town. We went out of town following Grimes, Rogers, and Church, to Victor. On the way back in we took Victor, Church, Walnut Street Pike, and Cardinal Glen.
We all gathered up at Cedar Bluffs, near the sharp bend on the SE part of the map.
We then gathered up again at the service station in Harrodsburg. At that point almost half the group opted to go off on a longer route, essentially following the club's "Funky 50" route. Here's a map recorded by Lyle May, eventually covering 57 miles:
Meanwhile the rest of us headed back toward town on Old 37. At Ketcham Turn About  we headed back along Ketcham to Victor and from there largely followed our outgoing route in reverse, ending up with about 29 miles for the day. Here's our leader Keith at the Ketcham gathering up point:

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